Saturday, November 20, 2010

Williamsburg VA Day Trip

This is Thomas bronze at the Williamsburg Virginia Historic District shopping area.  For additional photos visit our day trip photos (password is shadow) of Williamsburg Virginia.  We rode the colonial parkway, but the leaves are mostly gone or brown.  We walked the historic area where there was a farmers market.  We walked the College of William and Mary campus and the oldest academic building in continuous use in the USA.  As it turns out, the highlight of the day was a street side garden that we relaxed in for a while.

I have been a long time resident of this area, commonly referred to as Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Should you ever travel this way, plan on a month of activity time, or more.  If you like history, then you must visit.  Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown make up the historic triangle.  Much of early America began here.  But these early American places are the northern part of Hampton Roads.

This area, on the whole, is a major population center of Virginia.  There is SO MUCH to do here; April through December have weekly events throughout Hampton Roads..  In the immediate area is Bush Gardens and Water Country.  Virginia Beach and Nags Head are nice.  Many more cities and destinations exist in between.  There is a substantial military presence in this area, and a lot of military history and several museums.  Maritime history is also significant in this area --- ship building, seafood and the Navy --- as is water related recreation.  October and November would be a great time to visit Hampton Roads, Virginia.  If you are set up for colder weather and like Christmas, Williamsburg is beautiful.  The Grand Illumination during the first Sunday of December is wonderful.

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