Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! favorite holiday.  Why?  Well, first and foremost it is an opportunity for me to consider God's place in my life, and to exercise THANKFULNESS.  When my life looses it proper perspective, I can reflect on His unchanging nature, character and love.  Life brings change and challenge, sorrow and joy, setback and victory.  There is a truth in life, from generation to generation, that connects it all together -- now and in eternity.  Jesus.  In Him we have faith, hope and love...and a cause for thankfulness. 

It seems that at this time of year people stop and consider their blessings.  Family and friends reconnect.  People actually PRAY, and in a reflective moment experience the reality that 'the best things in life are free.'  I look forward to spending time with those I love today, sharing our spirit of thankfulness and the warmth of each others love. This is a special day is America.  Others may celebrate in different ways.  May we all discover ways to be thankful every day and treat others as we wish to be treated. 

As your mind and spirit ponder another sunrise on the ocean of life, may you find yourself thankful.  May you experience a truly blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday Mike. Thanks for the thought provoking words too. I try to remember ("try" being the key word) to count my blessings in one form or another everyday.

  2. happy thanksgiving to you and your family, Mike!..even though we are Canadian, we too on our Thanksgiving day 'try' to be thankful on that day and every other day too!