Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank YOU, Followers

To those of you who are following this blog and / or leaving comments, a hearty Thank YOU.   Please accept this Orchid as my smiley face, my big, purple eyed, bearded smiley face.

I am still suffering from technical challenges with this blogging endeavor.  I have not figured out how to make comments myself!  I used to be able to do so.  Some setting or other thing is preventing me from commenting or replying.  Never the less, I hope to stay in touch with those wishing to do like wise, to be informative and interesting, and to not overload you with bottomless photos or diatribe.  Just keeping it simple.

Your comments go straight to my email.  I read them all.  It is just one more way to proof the process and make sure the blog is content managed.  Comments are not automatically rolled into the blog.  If it is of personal nature, I keep it to myself.

Happy December! 

1 comment:

  1. hey there Mike..sometimes half the fun of blogreading is reading the comments!!..have a a great day!!