Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Daily Walk

Walking.  Healthy on so many levels.  I need to do more of it.  I have made it a point to walk every day now. Rain? No problem, carry an umbrella.  Cold? Put on a coat. Mental health, physical health and you even get to meet nice folks.  Today I met a fellow and had a nice chat in the roadway.  He is also named Mike, retired, has a nice F450 and 5th Wheel (That was my second option of RV).  Guess what?  He is recovering from OPEN HEART SURGERY of 3 weeks ago!  He is out for his walk.  He has located here to be close to the hospital.  The RvBurg is convenient!  Put the house near the hospital until you are recovered.  Easy access to your bed, fridge, TV, bathroom and exercise regimen.  So, go for a walk - for health sake.

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! We bought pedometers and found that living in an RV really drops your daily step count. Wow...then on days we are traveling it's even worse.

    That's one good thing about getting a puppy...walking! Now if we could just get her to enjoy it!