Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gloucester Point, VA (Now Yogi Bear)

Gloucester Point Family Campground, Virginia.  We stayed here after selling our house.  It was our first RV experience as a couple.

We owned the RV for a year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, never used it.  It just sat, waiting for the day to go into action.  Suddenly, with two weeks notice to move out by the home buyers, it was a life raft.  All has gone well.  We had to learn  on the fly.  We still are not bonafide RVers.  We have not traveled far, nor have we hooked up the toad.  So tomorrow begins the first real journey, the one to our next home.  An 800 mile trip in the RV with the toad should round out the experience nicely.  But we have learned we can live together in this small place and it feels like home!!!  All the systems work.  We were pounded by a few storms, all weather tight.  I have had some hiccups with some of the systems due to my lack of knowledge, but they were all adapted to.  I upgraded a few things -- shower, TV's, etc -- and learned the limits of other components.  All in all a positive experience. 

About the campground...I think it is average.  I need to go to one or two rating sites and give it a better defined set of qualities.  It is a large place; grave roads and RV sites; short term / long term and seasonal areas; some well wooded sites, some open; lots of mosquito's.   We were in the Pined Woods Section (long term) and I did not like the pine trees dropping stuff all over the place and RV.  The open sky section ( my preference) is not long term.   The campground is just across the York River from Historic Yorktown, giving it easy access to the historical area extending to Williamsburg and Jamestown via the Colonial Parkway.  /The campground has its own boat launch and dock, with a charter boat and kayaks for leasing.  Fishing is big here.  It has a nice bath house and pool area, if a bit small.  The laundry room has been torn down while here for a foundation up remodel.   Management is making some changes that prompted MANY seasonal users to leave.  A Yogi Bear has been erected, an apparent affiliation change coming.  Rates are low for the area... $500-$1300 being the range for a monthly rate.  Most campgrounds in the area are at least $250 weekly, minimum.  The staff has been very nice, what little contact we have had with them.  The area is very quiet.  It is off the main highway by 5 minutes and the back roads are narrow, a challenge with oncoming vehicles.  This campground would be considered lower budget for this area, but clean and well managed.  There are others in the area comparably priced and not as nice.  There are several moderate to high end facilities too, for a price. 

The KEY --  this area is worth seeing!  Plan on a two week stay -- minimum -- to enjoy all Hampton Roads has too offer.

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