Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Levels of Hard

Perhaps you can build a life around a structure you call home.  It is filled with people you call family. You live in a community you know and are a part of.  And then you leave.  

As you sell or otherwise dispose of most of your earthly possessions, you ask yourself -- is this really happening?  Your vision of a new dream has brought you to this point.  And now it is done.  The sacrifice has probably been great.  So many 'things' that once seemed important, gone.  This is hard.

Then you ponder your parents, children, grandchildren, friends...those who have meant so much to you.  As the time comes near you realize a vast dimension in your life is about to change.  Oh, you recall all the times through the years that you have been apart, living is different parts of the country, moving away as young children or adults in much the same way.  But now it is different.  Circumstances have changed.  The sense of loss is real.  This is REALLY hard.

How can this all have come about? Some people understand.  Most do not.  My motorcycle friends and I had that understanding; either you get it or you don't.  The freedom.  The anticipation.  It seems I have always had an explorers heart, a yearning to experience diversity in life. I am asked 'are you sure about this?'  YES!  And so saying good bye to what you had and those you love, WHILE HARD, is essential.

The journey must begin.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Post...Took Time to Get Here

This seems to be the proper day of this new 'journey' to drive a stake in the ground and say, IT HAS BEGUN.  I was not sure this day would come.  In the last 13 months my wife and I were married, I bought a motor home with a dream to travel, I lost a job, never got to travel even once, we sold her house, we got snowed in and missed our Caribbean cruise, we bought a future home in Florida, I was in a car accident and hospitalized, I landed another job, I struggled to sell my existing house, then finally found a buyer and had to move out in 2 weeks, moved into the RV locally and then yesterday I said good bye to my employer so we could move to Florida next week ---- WHEW!

So while we have been living in the RV for about 3 weeks now, today seems like the first day of the new adventure.  I feel as though I have left the confines of a big building, closed the door behind me and have walked into an open, sunny field that is yet to be mapped.  There are a few guide post along the way, the framework of a plan for living life on a different dimension from anything I envisioned before.  We have been inspired by many other RVer's and blogger's.  We hope to travel this great country over the next several years as part-timers.  Perhaps you will follow along and stay in touch with us as we discover this NEW American dream.

The blog is something I have never tried before.  I hope to use it often enough to keep you interested.  It is also my hope to expand it in order to quench some of my broader interests.  Thanks for stopping in. Send a note our way anytime.