Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TV Antenna Issues

Out of frustration I had to try some options with the crank up antenna. I tried on two occasions to sign up with Direct TV. The first installer refused to put a HD dish on a tripod. I then (after some months) called back and wanted to get SD using a tripod. This tech, after standing me up during the '8am - 12pm' arrival, showed up at 1pm. He said there were too many trees. I think he was tired of being late and did not want to commit the time for tuning it in. Some stuff about a 2 year guarantee and the trees would fill in and block the signal. What a bunch of horse hockey. My neighbor is having no problem receiving the signal through the tree line. He calls his supervisor...sorry, no can do. I have gotten somewhat disappointed with Direct TV already. My neighbor said she had to call 3 time and complain to get it done. I am not hear long enough to fight that battle right now.

So, I went and bought this addition to my antenna for $30 at a local RV store...it was their only item available. I asked 'how have folks liked it' and they say 'have not had any returned'. Well, it is a really cheap piece of plastic, easy enough to install, but wow, can it possible do anything? My opinion? Waste of money. I apparently am in a fringe area and I am dealing with the wooded tree line adjacent to the campground. I was not able to improve my reception. I still was getting only CBS and a few other not too useful channels. CBS was not reliable and would break up. Gee, all I wanted was some morning and evening news and some occasional other programing.(Updated note: this was a non amplified Winegard product, a KEY issue)

I then went to a different local RV store. I saw and asked about this antenna. Same thing...'never had one returned'. Ut oh. Could it be that is is not worth the gas to bring it back? Well, for $50 I decided to give it a try. It was equally easy to install. It has a separate power supply for a signal booster. Guess what? NICE. 2 thumbs up. I now have clear and uninterrupted programing from all 4 major networks, and 14 additional channels. Plus it is smaller and lighter than the equipment replaced.

So, if you do not want to invest in Satellite right now, or if you want to have an effective back up for programing, give the Jack TV Antenna a shot. For me, it worked. I have been watching NBC all morning, not available from my site before, and uninterrupted all morning. Happy camper.

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