Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heating Discussion

We are in Hampton Roads VA right now. The temperature at night has been between 39F and 51F for the past weeks (43F now - 9am). I like it cooler at night for sleeping. We turn the thermostat down on the gas heater and let it run. Propane use seems to have been light at these temps. I have a 28 gal. tank and very little used so far and that includes cooking use. When we get up or get back to the house we bump the heat up just to take off the chill. Then we use 2 of these heaters.

During evening and morning leisure time around the house we have been using two ceramic heaters to keep the place more 'toasty'. They are set on low (750 watt mode). Having a small fan built in they are quiet and distribute heat surprisingly well. They keep the bathroom warmer. They keep the gas unit from kicking on. They are portable and can be place nearby for instant warmth. The electric bill so far is about $10 week for all electric use @ .14 kwh. This did include some record temps where we had the AC running rather than heat.

Overall, this seems to be a good option for specific use heating.

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