Friday, November 5, 2010

Moving Tomorrow - Domicile Discussion

If you are like us, you spent considerable time figuring out this RV lifestyle perspective --- domicile.  It is a primary concern for full timers, those that live their life completely from an RV.  I wanted to pursue that lifestyle, a FULL TIMER, before I met my wife.  I would have been perfectly happy to have hauled a trailer around behind my Durango and see the country, no roots.  As it turns out, Jan shared my dream -- sort of.  She wanted to travel and see the country to, but she likes having a traditional house and could not make the leap to full timing.  As a compromise we have developed a PART TIMER concept for RVing.  I follow lots of blogs and forums.  There is such good insight and education there.  In the end we had to consider some traditional concepts.  Proximity to family, fair weather, fiances and a fixed structure.  For us, Florida fit the plan.  So we bought a little place to call home....our DOMICILE.  Texas was a close second.  The plan during the winter is to hang our hats at the little place above.  The reality is that, if full timers, we probably would have been parked for extended periods in Florida anyway.  We formalized it by buying a little place to part the RV with a house included.  I really think it will work out well.  We are beginning the move there tomorrow, arriving Sunday.  After depositing the small amount of stuff we have left within our new S&B, we will head back to the RV in Virginia as we finish up our careers by Thanksgiving.  Having spent most of my life in Virginia, Part Timing from Florida will be an interesting adventure!  On more step into the new American dream.

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  1. Welcome to the RV and Blogging world. I have enjoyed reading you blog. We too recently decided on the MIFI (I also invested in the additional antenna, booster for the hard to get places) i love both! We also went through the to or not to on the sat Tv. Hubby finally got feed up with not being able to watch a program without losing signal so we went back with dish network before our full-time adventures began. Wish i'd of found your site sooner, but i must admit i love my lifetime/hallmark channels.