Saturday, November 13, 2010

U Haul, U Work

A week ago at this very moment we were tooling down the road at the beginning of a 14 hour transfer of our lives from Virginia to Florida.  In the back of this truck were the few possessions we had left.  During September and October we had finally been able to secure the sale of our previous home.  It was a wonderful home, a GREAT floor plan, nicely furnished and so comfy...for those who want to work the 8-5.  And the commute of 2 hours daily.  And the mortgage and utility bills.  And the upkeep.  And the same view out the same windows.  And the rare vacation to reward oneself.  The buyer wanted us out in 2 weeks!  Well, I must say, that was a rush.  So many 'things' we valued suddenly became a threshold of worry, loss and pain.  Worry because we did not know how we could possible shed these things in 10 days time so we could prep for the walk thru.  Loss because we knew how much consideration of time and money went into creating a previously warm and comfortable dwelling.  Pain, in that our bodies are older and the time sequence was tight.  Thankfully, family and friends pitched in wonderfully.  They helped us move the things we needed moved.  Many bought the nice things we had previously cherished, making the 'fire sale' prices more bearable in that the items went to family of friends.  The garage sale, Craigslist sales and family sales went well.  The rest went to temporary storage, the DAV Thrift Store or the dump.  In the end we had taken the severe steps of preparing for the NEW American dream, less stuff and traveling light.  Many people ask the question...'how do I get rid of all the stuff?'  In part is is emotional, just letting go of the attachment to things.  In part it is financial; at this moment in time you cannot get back what you paid for the items, many of which are in new condition having been so lovingly cared for.  In part, it is timing.  We just did not have time to dicker over how much or to whom something was transferred to.  The reality -- it was a God thing.  He watched over us and provided.  In just 10 days I was amazed at how a plan and resolution came together.  Earlier this year I lost a job, was in a car accident and hospitalized and then found a new job.  That was a tough 4 months, but also part of God's providence and a path of faith and trust.  I did not know why then; I understand more now, and I am thankful.

We left Florida after 4 days of hard work, prepping the house for our winter solace.  We are back 'home' now, in the Gray Whale (the RV).  It was nice to get back.  In a few weeks we will finish our transition to Florida.  We wanted to be here for Thanksgiving, to be with family and friends.  And then we will caravan down with all the vehicles and start living a new dream.  Warmer winters in Florida and summer travels in our great country.

Thanks for stopping in.  Best wishes with your dreams.  God bless you as you move forward with your life; we should all take time to consider His presence on our path to eternity.


  1. congrats on getting everything done..great friends and family you have!!..enjoy the 'gray whale' big is it??..slides?..diesel.. gas??

  2. This was a great blog. Glad you shared and gave credit where it is due, God! Take care and safe travels.

  3. Very well said. We had similar feelings and emotions this past June when we sold our home and stuff. Congratulations and enjoy the adventure!