Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bump In The Night

Actually, I was up at 0150am.  BAM, something hit the bottom of the RV, or was it someone in a compartment?  Out of bed to check...what is that light doing on already??? How did the shade over the door window get messed up?  Hey, its early in the morning and all of this is hitting me at once and I would rather be sleeping.  Did I mention it is COLD.  YUK.

So my brain slowly began clicking through the probabilities.  Wife went out earlier, left light on....over extended shade.  Take shade down.  Unroll and release broken end to re-attach.  Re-roll shade.  Re-install same.  Working good.  Light off.  Now what was that noise?  Must have been an animal, maybe looking for a warm place to nap.  Note to self...check in daylight.  WHOA, look at that!  FREEZING outside.  More notes to self -- propane low, water line unprotected -- time to GO!

Yes, I already made that note to myself.  Next year the arrival date for Florida is on or about November 1.  No more of this 30F night / 50F days stuff.  This RV will be where it is warm.  This year was a transition time; plans and goodbye's had to be accomplished.  However,  next year I hope  to start working the plan - year round warmth.  Only one more day of this cold and then the big pull out on Monday.

So it is after 5am now.  Nope, could not get back to sleep.  Still making notes to self in brain and sleep would not return for a while.  So I got up to read and blog.  Perhaps you have been there too...sleepless in Virginia.


  1. Temp here in Lake City, FL area (Ocean Pond Campground) was predicted to be down around 35 last night. I suspect it may have even been lower. Very cold this morning, but not to worry though, I think we are expecting low 70's today.

  2. sleepless in Coquitlam too..darn cat!!

  3. Add us to the moving south earlier crowd...we'll leave TN for FL next Wednesday. It's been down into the mid-20's the last two nights and more forecast tonight. Jeesh!!

    Next winter it will be AZ though...FL every other year is enough. LOL!