Saturday, May 21, 2011

Travel Day

On Friday we left Florida.  We had been in the Tampa area for 6 months.  It was a mild winter, with a few nights of below freezing temps and a few days in the 50's.  But winter was mostly 65F plus as a high temp and sunny.  Quite nice.  Spring came early, mid February.  For 12 weeks we had the most consistent weather I have ever experienced.  It was a dry period mostly.  8 weeks were 70s day / 50s night temps, no humidity, sunny, perfect.  4 weeks were 80s day / 60s night, warmer and still perfect.  We did begin to have days at 90s in May.  It seems that mid April is a better time to leave Florida, beat the heat and then crawl up the south east coast for a 'moving spring time.'  As it is, we left Florida mid May and it is warm and humid in the southeast.  It is also stormy and has rain from multiple weather fronts.  I found the dry weather of the Florida springtime to be a desirable thing.  Travel MAP - We are now in South Carolina -- Hardeeville -- just north of Savannah GA.  Quite a difference in campgrounds.

Previous from coach window:

Currently from coach window...

Both have their merits, another discussion.  We left Florida at 10am, after an easy morning relaxing and travel prep.  We arrived at 1pm and were fully checked in, set up and watching TV at 130pm. 

We then decided to go to Hilton Head Island for the afternoon.  It seems they specialize in GREEN, in that life is lived under the trees.  Residential and Commercial properties apparently have strict appearance restrictions.  Signage is minimal and structures are developed without impacting the landscape.  It is hard to see anything until you are right upon it.  You could easily drive right by Walmart and not even know it was there!!!  LOTS of private areas, security, visitors.  It seems to specialize in high end vacations and shopping, golf and the beach. 

We did not stay long.  Unless you are a homeowner or a rental occupant, the area does not seem conducive to visiting.  We did stop and get some fresh shrimp for dinner - stir fry - yum.  I wanted some fish and the fellow at the road side stand had some grouper and snapper - he had some beautiful fillets.  At $17/lb for grouper and $19/lb for snapper I had to pass on the fish.  One small grouper fillet was $23.  The shrimp were $7/lb head on, large and fresh and tasty. 

Today we are off to Savannah GA for a day trip.

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