Monday, May 23, 2011

Travel Day - Tire Blow Out

Actually, today was a good day.  When I consider what others are struggling with, I have no complaints.  In fact, I am thankful.  We had a really nice departure routine, no problems at all.  Left right on time at 10am, hoping to be in Williamsburg VA from Hardeeville SC by 7pm.  On the road we are averaging about 8mpg, towing a car, running the dash air, cruise control at 2500rpm and 60mph.  Pretty happy with that.  I decided to stop when convenient at about every two hours / 120 miles or so.  Why?  To stretch and fill up the fuel tank.  With limits on fuel purchase amounts, I find that longer drives leaves the tank less full than I like it at arrival at the campground.  Let me say that Georgia and ESPECIALLY South Carolina have horrible interstate roads!!  We stayed in the right lane, but got punished by the road conditions.  An hour south of VA .... BOOM!  What was that???  Well, the truck was still driving OK.  The car and dolly were still attached.  We exited in 2 miles and found the problem.  The right rear inside tire blew out the side wall.  I am glad it was not the front tire!  With all the load on one rear tire now, I was not going anywhere.  Crank up the generator, get settled and call for help.  I called Coach-net, our road service provider.  There were prompt and professional.  They had a service company on the way.  I had some dinner, checked the news and waited.  The repair tech arrived (40 min) and promptly went to work.

2 hours from BOOM we were on our way.  He said it looked like impact damage to the tire - South Carolina road trauma.  So we changed our plan.  A quick search on my phone and I was dialed in on a campground, 50 minutes away.  So now we are tucked in safely and thankful.

I read a lot on the blogs about tire age, replacement and such.  I have spoken with several tire sales staff, shop personnel and the Ford Dealer.  I spoke with the repair tech today.  All have said that tire age is one concern.  More important is regular inspections and evidence or wear or age.  These tires are going on 10 years old.  There is no exterior sign of needed replacement.  I have had them inspected several times.  This tire is in very good condition, and the side wall blew.  The tech said the type of damage is consistent with impact stress.  He checked all the other tires and they are good.  He says (as have the others) that new tires blow too; they do a LOT of road side assistance off of I-95 here in NC.  So, I got back on the road comfortable with the situation, except that I need a new spare.  To be continued....


  1. glad to hear you got a repair man there quickly!..and that you are both safely at a campsite!..that is the most important thing!!

  2. Glad to hear that you're safe. We were at the RV Resort in Roanoke Rapids just a week ago for a family wedding. Easy in-and-out park. Safe travels.

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