Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Road Trip 2011 Begun!!

Wow!  We are finally on the ROAD. 

And predictable, it was a rush of activity and challenges.  After getting done with home remodeling and doctor visits, we finally nailed down a departure date - TUESDAY.  Then the planning and prep began.  We 'moved' into the RV on Monday.  We cleaned up and secured everything at the house on Tuesday morning; we had a planned departure time of 10am, but stuff took longer than expected.  We left at 1130.  First problem... 12volt system not working.  UG.  Decided to run the generator to make due until we could assess the problem.  Well, maybe we would still make our option A destination in SC.  We stopped for gas.  Pulling out of the gas station we lost the passenger side blind spot mirror...2nd problem and a safety issue.

So we pulled into the local RV dealer and I spoke with a technician.  I confirmed what the problem was with the 12volt system and replaced a fuse.  This thing got fried during a previously discussed incident, and was still not working right...$5 part. 

The mirror was tougher.  $40 for glass, plus shipping; $75 for the whole mirror, plus labor and time to install.  I opted for option C - good old stick on bug eyed mirror.  During a future stop I will get this fixed. 

So now, back on the road and all system a 'GO', we opted for destination 'B' - Jacksonville FL.  We wanted to visit St. Augustine anyway, so this works. 188 miles and $100 in gas later we were at the Pecan Park RV Resort.

It was an easy drive.  All went well.  The park is nice ( will comment more later) and the weather PERFECT!  The RV had been sitting all winter, so it took an hour to get everything back in good order. 

The hot water tank smelled like rotten eggs.  Had to drain and flush it, as well as flush and rinse the holding tanks.  While I was doing all this, dinner was cooking.  Had a great dinner, news, a nice walk. 

TV reception is GREAT here with the JACK digital antenna.  I also have 4G on my Thunderbolt Android - nice.  Look up the TV guide for over the air program and presto!  A nice hot shower after NCIS-LA and bedtime.  Up this morning for a great sunrise and TODAY.  Off to St. Augustine later. 

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  1. a rocky start but at least you are on your the angle of the 'dinner shot'!!