Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Month End Review

On a monthly basis I would like to crunch data and share insight or opinion for the interest or benefit of others (and myself!).  It has only been two weeks since we have been on the road, but interesting none the less.  We have stayed at Passport America (PA) campgrounds: twice for 3 days and once for a night - 7 nights total of $152.  Then we parked at Thousand Trails in Williamsburg, $50 for this week in May.  So 'rent' has been a little over $14 nightly for May. We traveled 814 miles in that time, 131 gallons of fuel for $484.  MPG is just over 6, but that included extended generator time during a break down (8mpg when actually under way).  Gas averaged right at $3.70 / gal. this month.  I have spent $7 on maintenance so far, but have not replaced the blown tire yet...probably a $300 item.  Will be scouting for a new tire this week.  So these details or others may help depict how the RvBurg compares to a more settled life.  We bought the south east region membership with Thousand Trails (TT) when we were at the Tampa RV show.  We are going to try to focus on using TT to see how well we like it.  TT is a 2 week in network, 1 week out of the 'network' process.  We have also focused so far on PA for shorter stays.  THE GOAL - keep fuel expenses down by staying put longer periods.  I hope to put together an Excel expense sheet once I have more data, and it will cover about 5 months of travel once complete.  It will help us plan for next year.

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