Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Family Week

Since we arrived in Virginia we have been catching up with family or friends and time has flown by.  Time to play catch up here...

My oldest daughter Megan decided she just has to have a new car.
She asked me to help her with that process and it worked out OK.  She seems happy with her new Toyota Corolla S.  I am not a fan of her being in debt this early in life.  I can only pray she survives the financial challenges ahead. 

My youngest daughter Katelyn had her prom this weekend and so we went to a little group photo shoot.  Her date...
and her sister, Megan...
She seems to have had a good time with all her high school chums.

We got together with my parents and played some cards; we always enjoy that.  Pinochle is our favorite, but 31, Hearts, Spades and Cribbage are good options.  I had the occasion to visit Yorktown.

We were able to visit with my brother in Virginia Beach.

Jan was able to visit with all her family as well.  The weather n the mid-Atlantic was JULY LIKE already; hot and humid.  Average high is supposed to be 79F - actually highs are in the 90's.  YUK.  Cannot wait to get to the mountains.

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