Sunday, May 22, 2011

Savannah GA, Day Trip

On Saturday we visited Savannah, Georgia.  It was a sunny and warm day.  We have found that we enjoy historic areas and this city has a really interesting history.  If you ever have the chance to visit Savannah GA, it is worth the time.  We started on Congress Street and parked at Bull Street.  Yea, I know...Congress and Bull.  They are full of it!

We then walked toward the city market area.

Along the way we came upon Paula Dean's building / restaurant.  WOW, what a crowd!

Downtown has been 'revitalizing' since the 1970's.  Some streets are quite nice.  Some, just a block or two away, are forgotten.

We came upon the Universe Trading Company.  Amazing!!! The stuff these folks have on sale here is so comprehensive and bizarre, and in many cases rare and valuable.

There are many ways to see the sights.  Trolley, Charter Bus, Segway, Boat

or just plain car and foot exploration...that's us!

We quickly learned that there are MANY beautiful parks here in Savannah.

Many are a whole city block in size.  The are referred to by some as the jewels of the city.

I agree.  Beautiful.  There are an incredible number of historic buildings here, and every kind of diverse early architecture from the generations gone.

We also visited a Pre-Revolutionary War cemetery now called Colonial Park.

It was active as a cemetery during 1750-1853.  Then it was made a city park in 1896.  This is a remarkable cemetery; very old, worn and resting here are some great early Americans.

There are many churches here in Savannah.
And many provide an open door to those who wish to visit.

Of course, the Savannah River is of great importance to the city.
We traveled Rt. 17 in and out of the city, visible as the bridge in the background.  This is a VERY tall bridge, allowing huge ships to pass underneath without a draw span. 

The river bank was terraced in places, providing for several embedded roadways with many bridged walkways.

The old cobble stone roads are still there.  The warehouses from the shipping years are still there.

There is a very interesting mix of uses here, and of course, many FINE restaurants.  We ended up eating at Vic's.

It is on the fourth floor and we has a wonderful view of the river.

We had piano music, and the decor is great as is the food!  $25 including tip and we had a nice lunch. 

This lady....a mannequin in one of the MANY shops, sums it all up.  YEP, it was a good day!

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