Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip Planning

The first leg of this year's journey is specific in nature; hang out in Williamsburg VA to visit with family and attend my daughters graduation.  Shown above is where we have traveled so far, from Florida to Virginia.  Thereafter, it is exploration of the unknown.  We did sit down and discuss our potential travel plan, MAPPED HERE.  We have a fairly small budget for this adventure.  Having given some consideration to our goals to visit family combined with seeing new sights, we weighed several options for achieving economy in our travel.  Our main campground option option will be Thousand Trails.  We bought a membership at the Tampa RV show this last winter.  We are limited to 2 week stays, followed by a week 'out of the network'.  During this week we will migrate and explore our way to the next Thousand Trails location of choice by using our new Passport America membership.  By using this method we hope to spend $1500 - $2000 for 'rent' during our 5 months, about $350 monthly.  The main stops on the MAP are Thousand Trail locations or Family locations.

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