Sunday, June 12, 2011

Abstract Observations

 I like dogs.  I prefer smaller dogs that have some intelligence, a trainable temperament and are affectionate and playful.  I have met many other types of dogs that I really enjoy.  A friend of mine has a Boxer; nice dog.  An RV dog?  Not in my mind, confirmed when out on a walk.  I am strutting along, minding my own business but observing all the fine RV's and set up along the way.  In the windshield of a Class A, sitting on the dash, is this Boxer.  Big dog, 80 pounds of muscle.  I look at him, he looks at me and he decides he wants me.  UT OH.  This dog is on it's hind legs trying to take out the windshield.  Slobber and claws everywhere.  The dashboard is this dogs 'run'.  Wow, I hope there RV is OK!  I actually had to stay away from that RV until they left.  I could be 40' away and stop just to look; he see's me and 'on guard!'.  Fortunately, they were in the campground only for the weekend.  Messed up my walking routine - had to detour every time.  My wife thought it was funny too.  It is interesting to see all the different pets in and around RV's. 

Sometimes when you are sight seeing you see things that are unexpected.  This car pulls up next to me - what is THAT?!  It is all frame, looks home made.  Rear engine, center cockpit, guy in a helmet.  Huh??  I thought, maybe this car is the automotive training vehicle from the local vocational school.  I really don't know.  But sure was different! No room for a date, groceries, pet, nothin'!  My scooter is more functional.

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  1. that is one big dog..a bit too big for the dashboard if you ask me too!!..don't know if we would allow our '78 pound golden boy' to frequent the dashboard of our RV when we get it!!