Sunday, June 26, 2011

Travel Days - How Often?

This last Tuesday we pulled out of Williamsburg.  We had stayed for two weeks at the Thousand Trails facility (also Encore / Outdoor World).

We stayed one week at American Heritage RV Park, minutes away.  And then back to Thousand Trails for a week.  We had to be out of the Thousand Trails 'network' for a week.  That totaled to 4 weeks in one 'area'.  We made some observations as a result.

A month in one place can be a drag, just hanging around.

The only reason we did this was for family time, and we are GLAD we did.

However, (family aside) as much as there is to see and do in the Williamsburg Area, we concluded that two weeks anywhere is plenty.  In comparison, on our travel up from Florida we stopped for 3 nights on two occasions.  These were busier days, with lots of sightseeing.  It was fun and we would do it again, but is is a busier, more highly paced way to RV - kind of like the working world. Schedules, timetables,consistent planning and mapping.  My point...RVing can be varied and flexible, relaxing or demanding.  It can be what you want to make it.  I thought at one time that staying some place for a month would be ideal; not so much now.  I guess there is one exception - work camping / volunteering.  I do believe I would enjoy extended stays if I had some purposeful commitment to occupy some of the time.  So, to date I would have to say that a WEEK at one spot would be ideal.  Moving down the road every 2-3 nights would be a more rapid pace and lend itself to many more miles and sights.  Staying put for 2 weeks is very relaxing and would lend itself to a total 'vacation' feel.  My humble opinion.  I had some anxiety about the Thousand Trails concept when we bought that membership.  I did not think I would LIKE having to move out every two weeks.  As it turns out, it works well -- for me.  As it turns out it prompts time for relaxation and exploration on a varied schedule. 

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