Sunday, June 12, 2011


Going for a hike.  What a simple pleasure.  Some folks like it, some folks don't.  But you really should try it or try it again.  Leaving the noisy, concrete and electronic world behind is refreshing.  We went on a simple hike today.  It is a 'nature trail' right here in the local campground.  Try your local beach, or mountain or anywhere in between.
 The woods were dense, but not especially cool with the current weather pattern.  Lots of elevation changes for being so close to the coast.  We found several creeks.  The ferns liked the area. 
 A moth landed on the trail and just died there recently. 
 We saw a nice turtle,
 wild mushrooms and some fairly old Oak and Tulip trees for this area (first photo). 
I saw several of these dragonflies; blue body, black wings and I got a photo of it's shadow (look hard - small insect on the leaf).  It is nice to just enjoy the woods, even on a rainy day.  The scent is unforgettable, a childhood memory that plays again every time you get on your feet and go.  Try it!

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