Saturday, April 30, 2011


2003 Honda Reflex.

So we have been tugging the little Scion behind the RV for our sightseeing vehicle.  But I fear that there will be days that Jan will want to be off shopping or visiting with family or some other situation that will leave me without wheels!! OH NO. 

In addition, we all know what is happening again with gas prices.  AND, I was missing my old motorcycle.  Not that this little yellow dab of joy is quite the same as my Vulcan 1600 Classic.  But I do get to twist the throttle, have the wind in my hair, lean in the corners and all at 65mpg.  I can live with this.

I had been looking for a scooter for a while.  About the time I got serious, I saw this unit advertised at the Honda Dealer here in town.  It was well cared for, low miles, extras added and anti lock brakes.  I took it for a test ride and loved it.  It is only 250cc, automatic, but quick off of the line and cruises at 70 mph+ all day, no problem..  But I want it for 50 mph cruising and even slower sight seeing.  I expect it will be lots of fun.

I bought a HITCH MOUNTED RAMP to put it on.  I have a SPLIT RECEIVER that will allow me to mount the bike ramp high and the dolly low.  I hope it all works out ok.  I have not set it all up yet for a full dry run.  Some how, it will all work out.  My only concern is turn clearance between the scooter mount and hood of the car.

JUNE UPDATE:  The scooter did not make the trip.  As it turns out, the scooter is 'rear heavy'...not very well balanced on the ramp.  I should have made a dry run weeks prior to leaving.  If I had, I would have seen the problem and created a fix.  The FIX?  Weld additional receiver mounts on the hitch and have the ramp be supported at TWO POINTS.  Had I done this, everything would have been a go.  So my recommendation if you want to bring a motor bike with you - check your proposed equipment well in advance and plan to have a multi point mount to the frame of the tow vehicle. 

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