Saturday, April 30, 2011

Awning Repair

April has been an interesting month, but the blog sure has been silent!!!  I have found it distracting here in Florida.  Day after day of blue sky, warm air, sunshine...sitting to blog has been a challenge.  So tonight I will catch up some with a few entries.

New Awning Fabric (and slide out fabrics as well).  Last fall the main awning fabric failed.  The portion that sits exposed when rolled up was beat up by the effects of UV, weakened and cracked.  Then water gets in and separates the layers of the fabric.  The first 24 inches began to separate and according to the technician I worked with, it could have all been avoided with some maintenance.

Lesson learned...keep the awning and slider fabrics protected with some form of UV inhibitor.

I did not think I had it in me to make this a DIY project.  Sequencing, alignments, spring tension, cutting, drilling and all the other details.  If I had a fellow RVer with experience in fabric replacement, maybe.  But I had too many projects going on with the house.  SO....

As a result of meeting a vendor at the Tampa RV show, I gave David a call at RVMedic.  Parts for the awning and two slides was $550 and labor was $350.  I drove the RV to their shop and in 3 hours was back on the road.  If you are ever in the Tampa area and need RV support, give them a call.  Honest folks and a good job.

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