Sunday, March 13, 2011

Peace and Disaster

Central Florida has been such a peaceful place to spend the last 4 weeks of winter.  I have had the windows open for a solid month.  78 +/- 4 degrees during the day; 58 +/- 4 degrees at night.  Wow.

I have been to the beach many times.  At one of my favorite swimming holes I was able to enjoy the bulk of the afternoon with the manatee.  A fresh water spring fills up a creek to the north west, flowing into and merging with the tidal brackish water of the Gulf of Mexico.  No less than 7 manatee were swimming about, feeding and posing for photos.  Unfortunately, all I had with me was my cellphone!!!  So the images are not that good.  But good enough to remember a very peaceful day.

AND THEN I come home see all the events of the Middle East and Japan on the news. I am overwhelmed at our level of blessing in this country and then the difficulties that others are encountering in other countries. How disastrous.  We have peaceful streets and a stable coastline, at least in my neck of the woods.  No nuclear fear, no military war within our border...well, there is Wisconsin, Mexico and our Politicians. Our country is struggling in so many ways morally and financially; we are literally - bankrupt.  My shallow concerns about $4 gasoline pale in comparison to what others are facing.  I believe that our world is on a path of change WAY bigger than most realize or believe.

My faith causes me to reflect, to pray, to understand that there are some truths that I cannot ignore.  I reflect on the blessings of my life, and am thankful, and acknowledge that they come from God.  His plan for me could change at any moment; am I prepared to trust Him then?  I also reflect on God's power, as seen in His creation.  Planet earth is not an accident, nor are its properties of power and awe.  People are also His creation, though evil is not.  So I must trust that the events of the Middle East and Japan are part of His plan.  There IS a reason for these things.  I pray for these people, for their families, their governments, our government.  I do believe that our world is moving in a Sovereign direction, to the beat of a Sovereign plan...God's plan.   Mankind thinks too much of itself, and for many reasons has stopped looking for and listening to God. 

So in the ebb and flow of my life and the world around me, I try to keep a balanced perspective.  God is God.  His creation shouts His presence.  World events demand divine perspective.  I pray I stay alert to His presence in my life and that I will be prepared for the days ahead...the goodness and the challenges.

May you know His presence in your life as well.  

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