Friday, February 11, 2011

Semi Hibernation

Our first winter in Florida has been relaxing, to the extent we have wanted it to be.  Jan has started working a seasonal nursing job, and when she is off she still likes to be busy with projects around the house.  I have been mixing a steady stream of projects with other hobbies and interests.  Nice weather days are the busiest.  We are either doing projects or visiting the local interests. Even after a particularly busy day, I had the time to visit the waterfront at sunset.  We have a 'local' beach at Pine Island in Hernando County.  I went there to enjoy the evening; Jan and I have visited together on other days.  Here are some photos, password is shadow.

We also have been blessed to find a local church that we have become active in.   The people in Spring Hill are so nice.  Living here is like living in a more rural area; lighter traffic, nice people, quiet living.  But we are close to every convenience and about an hour from downtown Tampa

One big reason we are in Florida is to have a milder winter.  It has worked out so far.  When we watch the weather occurring across the country, WOW!  Of course, this has been a colder than average winter in Florida too.  On cold weather days I hibernate!!!  The local cable company has good service and allow us to cancel service during the months we are gone.  Having a DVR is nice; we get to record the shows we like, then watch them when 'hibernating'.  December was the coldest on record for the area, but we did not have any snow!  Typically, we are 70 days / 50 nights.  It was 10-15 degrees colder than that in December.  January and February have been cool too, but more typical.  We will have 3-6 days of 60's, then several days in the 70's.  Some days have been cloudy and we have had a few fronts stall out with some rain.  But most days are sunshine and by mid day are pleasant to be out and about.  Last week was really nice, and next week will be also .

Another reason we wanted to be in Florida is to have a place to park the RV.  We considered living in it full time, but Jan wanted a house with a foundation.  So here, we don't have to worry about freezing too much and we have a little more space and convenience.  We will be hitting the road in the RV in May for 6 months of adventure.  So over the next 10 weeks we will wrap up most of our projects at the house, enjoy some gardening beginning in March, get some RV projects done then too.  Then it will be on to visit family and enjoy a cooler summer outside of Florida.  We hope to be in the mountains or point north.  In the fall we hope to be in Texas and then by November back 'home'.   Perhaps next year I will have time to plug into a place of employment for the fun of it; too many projects this winter.


  1. welcome back to blogville..glad to hear that all is well in sunny Florida!