Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 Tampa RV Show

Last week was the annual RV show at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa.  The weather has been so nice I have not spent too much time on the computer lately, so this post is a little behind the event. 

This is the largest RV show I have been to.  I did not even see 2/3 of the event.  I went to the indoor displays only, and did not have time to enjoy the HUGE outdoor area of RV's.  My ticket was for 2 days, and if I had gone to both days I could have seen it all.  The main entry from the gate takes you immediately into the largest building and the Class A displays.  WOW!  Major brands, high end, nice.  Most were closed except for showing by appointment.  Some were open for touring.  For PHOTOS click here, password is shadow.   Unfortunately, my camera battery died and my images are limited.  There was every kind of RV, nicely grouped by type.  And there was a large vendor area with a packed crowd.  Food was outside, the weather was great, the event had a tram for on site travel.  There was varying entertainment about the property, and you could certainly have NO trouble wearing yourself out in 2 days.  Plenty to do and see.  Lots of RV units were being sold, and the vendors were having a good time too.  It seemed there were a lot of RV Resort booths, and they seems to have less activity.

As a result of this show, my wife tells me that our NEXT RV will be a 5th wheel.  Why?  I think it is because the living area of the higher end 5th wheel is so home like.  New retail for a proper tow vehicle and 5th wheel seemed to be about $200,000.  A Class A in that price range is nice, but the floor plans are a key difference.  Of course, I do not think she gave consideration to 'getting around' once at the destination.  Hence, our decision to be in a Class A now; we can pull a sight seeing vehicle.   

Well, we are still holding up at the winter haven for now.  The weather has been great this week, and that is why we are here; travel is months away.  My wife just started her seasonal RN job, and 16 weeks from now (May) will will hit the road for 6 months.  I will be puttering around doing house and RV projects in the meantime.  A new awning fabric for the RV is in order.  I made contact with a vendor at the show.  He quoted me $700 installed for a replacement fabric (not vinyl) including a metal cover.  Sounded like a good price and some other show attendees standing nearby have the fabric and like it. 

Well, I hope your winter is going well.  Be safe.

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  1. Wow, those RV's sure are nice. I can't Imagine the price tag!