Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the Season

Jan has the Christmas tree up.  Interestingly, the weather here in Florida was consistent with her timing....COLD!  Frost on the vehicles in the morning and ice on the veggies at the farms in the state.  This weather pattern has really blasted the country.  Weather back in our Virginia stomping grounds has been equally cold and even snowy!  I ran the heater in the RV for two nights even though we were not in it, just to keep the plumbing warm.  I never envisioned having to 'winterize' the RV here in Florida.  I do not miss the harder cold and snow occurring in other parts of the country.  Snow is pretty to look at for a day, drive around and get some photos; after that, be gone!  For those of you still located in winter wonder lands, stay warm and safe :)

A number of projects have been finished at out little winter haven.  We have the RV circuit hooked up outside.  Now that warm air has returned (70's) I should have the outside storage done today and that will free up some laundry room / utility space.  Trees are cut down and removed, and most other yard work is under control.  Other projects still to go are painting, replacement windows and interior trim work, but I will work on those items based on the weather and motivation :)  over the next several months.

UPDATED comment - Jan and I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on the east coast of Florida and with family.  Here are some photos.  (password - shadow) We were at St. Lucie, Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach and Pelican Bay Wildlife Refuge.  The weather was WONDERFUL for Christmas.  

Next month will be the Tampa RV show.  I look forward to seeing the latest models, taking some photos and making a report.  In the mean time....take care.